The PubThe Northumberland Arms has stood on the corner of Goodge Street and Charlotte Street from the moment the thoroughfare was laid down. Today it is the liveliest local in the area (affectionately know as the 'sausage'). It eschews the typical media mogal drinkers and is home to residents, business owners and visitors alike, who come to enjoy the great range of beers, ales and spirits and more than that, the exeptional and ever friendly service.

This bustling boozer is perfect for a well deserved drink after work or the perfect meeting place to catch up with friends. If, on the other hand, you fancy popping in by yourself, we guarantee you'll find plenty of folks here up for a beer and a banter!

The Northumberland Arms is the 'Cornerstone of Fitzrovia' - a proper pub, with proper grub and a nice drop of ale.

Notable Historic Event:
On 27Th June 1888 the Rev. William Dodd was executed at Tyburn for forgery. Dodd's body was cut down and taken to a shop in Goodge Street by a Mr Davies, an undertaker, in the hope that he could be revived. The then famous surgeon, John Hunter was summoned to revive Mr Dodd having previously had success with cases of drowning. Despite a hot bath, prescriptions and various administrations, Dodd's body left the shop feet first. Perhaps, if had been propped up at the bar of the Northumberland Arms and a stimulating cordial given, the end of this story might have been different!

Northumberland Arms, On the corner of Goodge Street and Charlotte Street Fitzrovia London W1